October 23, 2010

marry me, rachel maddow

"Feminism is itself a challenge. Feminism is a challenge to the way things are in the world. It is by definition an oppositional movement, because it’s trying to accomplish something. I’ve never felt like feminism was a consciousness raising effort in isolation. Everything about feminism is about getting something in the world to get better for women, and to get the world to be less stupid on gender bifurcation terms. I think that feminism over time gets better, or it gets better and worse and better and worse at achieving the goals that it’s trying to achieve, but the overall mission stays the same. I guess I don’t think of it as feminism versus anti-feminism; I sort of think of it as feminism versus the world. I don’t think of it as a competition; there’s no winning. In feminism, you’re always trying to make stuff better. It’s opposition to which you cannot attribute a tally."

October 08, 2010


"the reason i don't go to church is that most churches don't think very much of gay people. or women.  or science"

October 05, 2010

Where are the sexy statuses for prostate cancer?

i like it when breast cancer doesn't have to be sexy.

i like it when my power as a woman isn't defined by my sexuality or being sexy.

i like it when people donate money to a cause rather than raising  "awareness" through bullshit social media.

i like it when all forms of cancer get the same degree of attention and exposure.