October 05, 2010

Where are the sexy statuses for prostate cancer?

i like it when breast cancer doesn't have to be sexy.

i like it when my power as a woman isn't defined by my sexuality or being sexy.

i like it when people donate money to a cause rather than raising  "awareness" through bullshit social media.

i like it when all forms of cancer get the same degree of attention and exposure. 


  1. charity and supporting a cause should never just be about money.
    october is an entire month dedicated to breast cancer awareness.
    it's also dedicated to LGBT awareness.
    both are causes of equal importance.
    i dont think its about money, and i dont think that you need to make the facebook status campaign about women's rights or objectifying the woman image or sexuality.
    sometimes all people need is a nod of the head to show that some one else recognizes what they're struggling with. that's awareness; that's support.

  2. http://jezebel.com/5657153/breast-cancer-awareness-just-gets-sexier-every-day