December 01, 2010

The Political is Personal

 OR: why my (newfound) Vegetarianism is a Feminist Issue
  • Livestock is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions (more than transportation)
  •  People living in poverty or developing countries will be disproportionately affected by climate change
  • 70% of those living in poverty are women


  1. Fuck yeah!

    Bitch Magazine ran an article about that a few years ago which discussed the idea that we all share the same rights as inhabitants of the earth and oppression is all the same. (I've been trying to find that article for awhile - I'll let you know if it turns up.)

    I've always felt like supporting equality amongst sexes should go hand in hand with supporting equality amongst humans and animals, just as it goes with supporting equality amongst those of different sexual orientations and of different races. To quote Bikini Kill, "Eat meat, hate blacks, beat your fucking's all the same thing."

  2. i'm not too familiar with the speciest arguments but i figure if i wouldn't be able to eat a dog or a horse, a cow shouldn't really be any different.

    and then there is the whole antibiotic/growth hormones argument, which is just gross

  3. I like what Sarah is saying, and I respect vegetarianism, but I also feel that it is important to recognize the role that we have given ourselves as humans on this earth (however arrogant and self entitled of us that may be). It is hard to live without oppressing animals: leather, for example, or even milk with mass producing farms (like Kyle alluded to). It's always been hard for me to find the balance between what is practical (and affordable) and what truly interferes with my life (like, I would think that eating steak and buying leather are similar when it comes to harm, or look at the many antibiotics and pills that use animal--film uses gelatin, even). For me, it's confusing to conclude where I should draw the line.