January 09, 2011

Spring Semester Goals

  1. Don't get behind on class reading
  2. read at least 1 non-school book a month
  3. Make time for fun/creative projects
  4. Be less of a lazy home-body
  5. Spend less time on the internet
  6. Grow out my hair  (not really school related but whatevs)


  1. Can you stop? I literally just made a blog post of "goals" for myself. But I'm just going to use your list instead since they were nearly THE SAME. Except the hair part. I'm concerned that we're going to morph into alter egos of each other cough black swan cough cough cough. Kidding.

  2. the badass one...duh.
    I actually looked on IMDB and edward norton's character isn't ever given a name. He is just "narrator"

  3. I can't argue this...it's a sad life