January 22, 2010

What Does "Trust Women" Mean to You?

Today is Blog for Choice Day, with this year's theme being: "trust women".

Sarah Palin was recently quoted extolling the values of being Anti-Choice, saying that the anti choice movement is all about "empowering" women, by telling them that they are smart enough to have a career and raise a (possibly unwanted) child.  The problem with this argument is that it makes the case that while women may be powerful enough to work and have a family (a fact we already know, with the rising number of working mothers in the United States) they are not smart enough to recognize this, or to make an educated decision regarding whether they actually want to raise a child or not.  The Anti-choice movement doesn't trust women to know what is best for themselves and to make their own decision.

I believe in the argument that women are smart enough, strong enough and brave enough to have a child and a career.  Therefore they are also smart enough, strong enough and brave enough to make the decision of whether they want to bring a child into the world or not.  To take away this choice is to imply that women are not smart enough to make it.

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